About C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-Century Writings

C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-century Writings is the journal of the British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies (BACLS). The journal is dedicated to examining the genres, forms of publication, and circulation of 21st-century writings. C21 Literature is a logical development of the explosion of interest in 21st-century writings, seen in book groups, university courses, and the development of online publishing.

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C21 Literature Special Issue: The Century at 25
Posted by Dr Caroline Edwards on 2024-01-18

The twenty-first century is nearly a quarter done. The contemporary – that category which has so often been theorised, following Barthes and Agamben, as fundamentally out of step with its own time – is starting to synchronise its watch with the temporal bounds of the current century. Despite a flurry of critical efforts to name, characterise, and categorise the paradigm shifts of the present in [...]

Two C21 opportunities: 1) Deputy Editor 2) Reviews Editor
Posted by Siân Adiseshiah on 2022-09-16

We are pleased to announce that C21 is advertising for two positions: 1) a Deputy Editor and 2) a Reviews Editor. Both these roles require some prior experience of editorial work, peer review, or academic writing and communications. C21 already has two Deputy Editors but is creating an opening for a third to share the workload so each role is not too onerous. An opening [...]

C21 Re-launch at English: Shared Futures
Posted by Dr Caroline Edwards on 2022-07-07

We're delighted to announce the re-launch of C21!After ten years of managing the journal, Professor Katy Shaw is standing down as Editor-in-Chief. The British Association of Contemporary Literary Studies has appointed two new Editors-in-Chief: Dr Siân Adiseshiah (Loughborough University) and Dr Caroline Edwards (Birkbeck, University of London). They join the current team of Deputy Editors, [...]

Call for Articles: NEW 2021
Posted by Katy Shaw on 2021-02-02

C21 Literature is seeking NEW article submissions for 2021.Please read the journal submission guidelines and the scope of the journal pages on this site, or take a look at our database of previous publications before submitting. If you have any questions relating to a future submission, please email our Editor: Professor Katy Shaw katy3.shaw@northumbria.ac.ukWe also welcome expressions of [...]

Essential? Different? Exceptional? The Book Trade and Covid-19
Posted by Katy Shaw on 2020-12-10

Essential? Different? Exceptional? The Book Trade and Covid-19by Professor Claire Squires, University of Stirling, UKFor many - probably all readers on this platform - a book is an essential Christmas gift to give or receive. Those rectangular objects, so bibliographically obvious nestled in their wrapping paper under the Christmas tree, also form delightful seasonal and familial [...]